What is Muse by Creatosaurus?


Last Update 7 maanden geleden

Muse is a photo editing tool of Creatosaurus that helps users improve their photos' quality and aesthetics. With Muse, users can crop and resize photos, adjust colours and lighting, add filters and text, and more. Muse is easy to use and provides wide options for enhancing photos. Muse is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, photo editing tool from Creatosaurus. It allows you to quickly and easily make enhancements and adjustments to your photos. With Muse, you can easily correct colour, adjust lighting, fix blemishes, and more.

How do I access the Muse Dashboard?

Step 1 - Go to the "Dashboard" and click the "Muse" section.

Step 2 - Then, the "Dashboard" will appear

Now, you have successfully come to the Muse Dashboard.

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